Managed Print Services available

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Did you know?

  • Printing can cost corporations up to 6% of their annual revenue.
  • Print Savings of up to 35% are possible.
  • Paper use is growing 6% to 8% each year.

In other words the poor management of hardcopy and electronic documents can significantly slow the pace of business, affecting customer service and significantly increasing costs. Organisations need to identify and deploy technology solutions that enable them to print, move and manage information more effectively and efficiently to reap the benefits of a more streamlined information system. Advanced Copiers - Printers - Multifunction Device Technology is additioned with ePrinting! Besides intelligent Software implementation, but also automatic Toner replenishment and preventative maintenance and service are provided.

Successfully navigating your Print Management Strategy journey depends on knowing where you are today. Firstly Mitronics will conduct an in-depth audit of your organisation and print environment and assess:

  • How many output devices are there across the corporation?
  • Where are the devices located?
  • Who is using them and for what?
  • How much are you printing?
  • What are you printing?
  • Quantify current monthly spend.

For full control of your Companies Printing Expenses and if you are serious about saving on your Printing Spend - CONTACT US TODAY - you will be glad you did!

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